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We’re always looking for ways to build better equipment that improves peoples’ experiences in meaningful ways. As keen users of the great outdoors across multiple disciplines, we’re exposed to different solutions from different industries, and we see lots of cross-pollination between seemingly unrelated sports.


We’re also always on the lookout for new materials and manufacturing processes that could make the impossible possible and redefine a product segment.

Good enough is not good enough.


From 3D printing to CNC milling, fabrication, and low-pressure casting, we have the ability to make realistic, representative prototypes of our new products. This allows us to accurately test many iterations before deciding on a final design, leading to more refined, higher-performing products from the word go.


We use a sophisticated ERP system and great personal relationships with our suppliers and customers to run an efficient, effective Supply Chain.


Our comprehensive QMS ensures that everything that leaves our doors is of the highest quality and adheres to all relevant safety standards.


We make extensive use of sophisticated 3D CAD software to bring our inventions to life. Our Industrial Designers and Mechanical Engineers are skilled at intricate surface modelling, allowing us the freedom to design organically so that our products are equally good aesthetically and functionally.


From managing product life cycles and product positioning through to designing sustainable packaging and other marketing tools, we handle the 4Ps with ease.


All of our products are produced in-house by our dedicated team. We make everything we design, and we design everything we make, giving us a high degree of flexibility and control. We believe this agility gives us a greater ability to streamline our processes and maintain tighter control over our quality, ultimately leading to equipment that just gets better and better.

Our entire facility is barcode driven, giving us the ability to accurately track and trace all activities under our roof.

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